Rethinking AIDS 2009

"Rethinking AIDS, Connecting Questioners, Reigniting Debate"

Friday November 6th through Sunday November 8th

Waterfront Plaza Hotel — Oakland, California

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3:00 Check-in
6:00 Welcome and introduction of Keynote Speaker
David Crowe
6:15 Keynote Lecture
Michael Tracey
7:15 Welcome Cocktail
Saturday Morning
8:00 History of the AIDS controversy spanning three decades
John Lauritsen
8:40 HIV-AIDS hypothesis out of touch with South African AIDS — a new perspective
Peter Duesberg
9:20 Questioning the Existence of HIV
Etienne de Harven
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 The Deception and Dishonesty of African AIDS Statistics
Charles Geshekter
11:10 Aids in Africa — a call for sense not hysteria
Christian Fiala
11:50 The role of the inner pharmacy in the prevention and treatment of AIDS
Roberto Giraldo
Saturday Afternoon
12:00 Lunchtime Press Conference
Saturday Speakers
2:00 HIV Drugs Causing AIDS
David Rasnick
2:40 The treatment dilemma of HIV-positive patients as a result of the HIV-AIDS hypothesis: The illusion of antiviral treatment
Claus Koehnlein
3:20 HIV/AIDS blunder is far from unique in the annals of science and medicine
Henry Bauer
4:00 Coffee Break
4:30 Screening of House Of Numbers
6:00 Panel Discussion
Peter Duesberg, Cheryl, Steve and Lindsey Nagel, David Crowe
7:00 Banquet
8:00 The Criminalization of Illness
Christopher Black
8:00 A Survey of Legal Cases
David Crowe
8:30 Rethinking Legal Aspects of AIDS in Colombia
Universidad Libre Pereira Colombia Law Group
9:00 Censorship in the AIDS debate — the success of stifling, muzzling and a strategy of silence
Joan Shenton
9:30 Coffee Break
9:45 Religion, Politics, and AIDS in Italy: curious paradoxes from the Ministry of Health
Marco Ruggiero
10:15 The Italian epidemiology supports the chemical AIDS theory
Daniele Mandrioli
10:45 How I fell victim to the AIDS machine
Karri Stokely
11:10 Challenges faced by gays who question HIV/AIDS with implications for dissidents
Tony Lance
11:35 Closing Panel
Michael Tracey, Joan Shenton, Celia Farber, David Crowe

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