Rethinking AIDS 2009

The conference is now over. Speakers were stimulating, thought-provoking, sometimes sad, and sometimes funny. Networking time built new bridges for the future. Participants in the conference left more motivated than ever, stimulated, happy, a bit tired, and a bit sad at leaving all their new friends so soon.

House of Numbers film screening

Mission Statement — Rethinking AIDS 2009 will consist of talks that question the widely held dogma that HIV causes AIDS, including whether HIV exists, whether it is sexually transmitted, whether HIV tests are accurate and whether AIDS drugs are safe and effective. The social, psychologic and legal impacts of an HIV diagnosis will also be considered, as well as alternative health approaches for people whose health has been damaged by an HIV diagnosis, by the prescription of AIDS drugs or who have been diagnosed with an AIDS-defining illness.

Who Should Attend? — Anyone who has questions about the connection between HIV and AIDS should attend. If you are already convinced that the HIV=AIDS dogma is broken come and expand your understanding. If you aren't sure about it come and perhaps you will be by the end of the conference. If you are convinced that HIV is the cause of AIDS and want to understand why some people disagree, you are still welcome to come, listen, and participate in discussions.

Why Should you Come? — To learn about the history of the AIDS dogma, scientific flaws in the dogma, treatment of immune deficiency, legal issues and the human impact on HIV-positives.

What Can You Expect — You will see from the program that there will be many talks, with opportunities to ask questions and have group and individual discussions. Social events will allow networking with other people concerned about the science of HIV, the social and legal consequences of an HIV diagnosis and the censorship of science and the media.

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