RA2009 Conference Feedback

"Thank you for the success of RA2009. It was a truly exciting experience." — Dr. Marco Ruggiero (Italy).

"Reading about what perspired at the RA2009 conference was wonderful. Etienne de Harvey's contribution had my particular attention." — Bas (Holland).

"The conference was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed it and will keep the memories for some time..." — David (Canada)

"I've probably been to over 125 academic conferences on 4 continents in my lifetime. RA2009 stands out above all the rest as by far the most informative, most congenial, liveliest and arguably most important. Being together with that particularly high-powered mixture of people was a gigantic intellectual boost and a huge health-enhancing tonic. It was like no other." — A conference participant


"Just wanted to say thanks for all the effort involved in putting on a great conference! I hope it can happen again next year. It was so great to meet everyone in person, and have the opportunity for personal networking." — David (USA)

"It was a fantastic conference... that most definitely breathed alot of life back into many of us... I even feel as though some kind of weird blockage has been released. So nice to take the many friendships and working relationships of the last several years up to a more face to face level. Thanks so much for all the good work... I had a fantastic time and cannot wait till the next time!" — ('HIV Misdiagnosis' via Facebook)

"I had a wonderful time at the conference and I feel so blessed to have been able to come and see all different types of people who are fighting for this important cause." — Nicole (USA)

"The conference was so great" — Raymund (Korea)

"Wow. The conference was a huge success.  We all felt energized, empowered and supported by the time it was over. I got to meet in person so many I had only known online." — Martin Barnes (France, RA PR Chair)


"I will never be tired to say thanks and thanks for all that work of yours to put together the RA2009. It was indeed spectacular, beyond expectations... Spotless!! Congratulations to... all those who helped take care of every single detail. Thanks also to the generosity of the donors who helped financially." — Roberto Giraldo (Brazil, RA Board Member)

"it was a wonderful experience. Face-to-face interaction is just so much richer and more real than electronic. I'm a skeptic's skeptic, and had somtimes wondered if those involved in this were actually real and sane and normal, and it turns out they were not only real and sane and normal (or at least close!), but also warm and intelligent and courageous and quite wonderful! I'm hoping it happens again:)" — Connie (Canada)


"It was all a great success." — Joan Shenton (UK)


"We just want you to know how much we appreciate all the great work and time you spent making this RA2009 what we consider an enormous success!" — Joe & Karri Stokely (USA)


"I've been to many academic conferences too, but also to quite a few eclectic ones a little analogous to RA2009. None of them could match the emotional as well as intellectual experience and value of RA2009." — Henry Bauer (USA, RA Board Member)


"Thank you so much for getting the conference together. It was very well put together and I had the most amazing experiences there meeting and talking with so many educated and caring people." — Janit (USA)


"The conference was very well organized, the lectures excellent, the food wonderful.  The location was good too.  Pleasant, not congested, reasonable accommodations to be found, etc." — Christine (USA)

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